Security, Fire & C.C.T.V Systems

Mortex I.T. Solutions can design any Domestic up to Business Security, Fire alarm and C.C.T.V systems using only the best Brand of the market.


Security Alarm Systems

Security alarm systems consist of a central control panel to which PIR, magnetic or even flood or smoke sensors are connected, along with bells or sirens that are activated when the system triggers an alarm.
Remote monitoring is always available for most of the systems


Fire Alarm Systems

A home fire alarm system is usually part of a total security system providing burglary protection in addition to fire protection. In Larger scale projects is advised a stand alone Fire Alarm System Installation. No matter what your needs are we can advise you for the best possible solution.


C.C.T.V Systems

For commercial or domestic applications, we offer bespoke packages to suit any requirements whether a home, small business or industry, from a single camera to more complex video security systems including remote monitoring over the internet.

All our systems are designed and priced for only after a visit to your premises. This we believe is the only effective way to ensure all aspects of your security needs are covered. We offer a no obligation quote valid for 30 days and should you take up the quotation all work is guaranteed for 24 months.

Maintenance of your system is paramount to it ability to perform when most needed. As with all electronics systems they can go wrong and because of this they could fail to operate correctly and cause a nuisance to you and your neighbors.

A yearly service is highly recommended in order to maintain the systems effectiveness and in most cases ensure your insurance is not affected should you be in the unfortunate position of needing to claim.

We offer a comprehensive range of services from design, through to installation and servicing.

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